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Eclipse Weekend

Ticketed during Eclipse Weekend?

We can help. Our attorneys have been representing clients from all over the United States in the courts of Southern Illinois for over 30 years. Our office is conveniently located near downtown Carbondale, Illinois at 813 W. Main St., in Carbondale. Although we have more information throughout our website, navigate below to read a brief snippet about certain legal services we provide. For more information contact us at 618.529.4000, silc@silclaw.net, or by using the contact form to the right.

Ordinance Violations (OV)

These tickets are often issued by municipal police in lieu of a ticket under the state vehicle or criminal code. They are not punishable by jail or prison and have a maximum penalty of $750. Fines for convictions are often much less however municipalities see this as a way to shift fine fees to the city instead of the county. We regularly appear in OV court and would be glad to discuss your case. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Traffic Tickets (TR)

Even a small traffic offense like speeding can have big consequnces if it is left unattended. Our attorneys have experience resolving traffic tickets economically for clients. Some tickets can be fought while others are best resolved with a favorable plea. Hiring a local attorney can often help you avoid having to return to Illinois to appear for court and we can facilitate the payment of any fines or fees. Contact us today to find out howe we can help!

Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DT)

DUI’s happen and when they do its important to be proactive so that you can put your best foot forward with the Court, the State’s Attorney, and the Secretary of State. Possible consequences for a first time offender include up to 364 days in the County Jail, up to $2,500 in fines and fees, and Driver’s License Suspension and Revocation. Our attorney’s can help you to navigate these potential consequences by reviewing the evidence, filing appropriate motions, negotiating your case where appropriate and in other cases going to bench or jury trial. Contact us today so that we can give you valuable information and advice about your legal rights.

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Our Attorneys would be glad to quote you a rate to handle your case. Failure to appear or take care of it can have drastic consequences including having a warrant issued. Call today for a consultation!


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