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Online Payment Links for Clients

Our firm uses LawPay to securely process credit card payments for clients. Please select from the option(s) below which best describes the payment you are making. Some cases such as traffic cases may require a payment to each account: an operating account payment for our legal services and a separate trust fund account payment for payment of court costs or fines. If you do not know which option(s) to select or if you have any questions please contact our office. 

Regardless of the option selected, input the client’s name and your attorney’s name or your initial point of contact at the office in the “Reference” section to so we may correctly associate your payment to the intended client (Example: REFERENCE: Jane Client – Joe Paralegal OR Attorney Doe)

  • Operating Account Deposit This account should be used for payment of an invoice, initial fixed fee, or minimum fee. Payments of invoices are deposited to our operating account as earned fees.
  • Trust Fund Account Deposit This account should be used for the initial deposit or replenishment of a security retainer or your advance deposit of a court fine or fee. Payments to this account may only be disbursed by us in limited circumstances such as when earned by us to pay our invoices or to pay for expenses on your behalf. These funds remain yours as our client until earned or expensed and any unearned balance is returned to you at the end of your case (unless otherwise directed).

For more information about the way that our law firm treats your payments contact us today.