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Speeding Ticket Defense

Speeding Ticket Defense


Have a Speeding Ticket?

Attorney Michael Burke is a former prosecutor who now works exclusively on defense cases in criminal court. He regularly appears at traffic calls in county court throughout Southern Illinois. Many people talk about fighting their ticket & beating it or getting out of a ticket but Attorney Burke can give you the information, advice, and legal representation you need in order to get the best possible outcome on your ticket. Having a lawyer is also a convenient way to get an extra copy of a lost ticket or pay a fine if you live out of state because our county courts do not accept online payments.

Speeding Penalties

Illinois vehicle code offenses are generally considered to be “petty offenses” which although technically criminal in nature are not punishable by jail time and the maximum fine is $500. Speeding tickets normally fall into this category (some speeding offenses can be misdemeanors or felonies for more information on those offenses read our other traffic articles).  In practice each county has its own written or unwritten fee schedule for different traffic violations.

When to take a Plea

Pleading guilty may not be the best way to resolve a traffic ticket because tickets can have cumulative effects in Illinois through points or by making later charges more serious. Only a lawyer representing you is qualified to give you advice about the best way fix your traffic ticket.

Call Today or Request a Consultation Online

Attorney Burke is glad to quote you a rate to handle your ticket and appearance for you. Failure to appear or take care of it can have surprising and drastic consequences including being defaulted, loss of driving privileges, or having a warrant issued. Take care of your ticket today!


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